Cosworth EJ25 Ultra High Performance Head Stud Kit (11mm)

Cosworth EJ25 Ultra High Performance Head Stud Kit (11mm)


  • $799.00

Essential for high performance engine builds, heavy duty main and head studs reduce movement in high boost or high compression engines optimizing sealing. Cosworth Studs are manufactured from H11 tool steel with 180,000+psi or 240,000+psi tensile strength and come complete with nuts and washers. Manufactured with hex broach end for ease of installation.

Additionally, genuine Cosworth studs utilize a base seating feature to evenly distribute maximum load on the stud and not the threads. This feature is typically found only in high level race engines.

* Essential for high power applications
* Superior strength compared to other brands
* High clamping force
* Hex broach ends ease installation
* Roll die formed threads
* High Performance 180,000psi+ tensile strength
* Ultra High Performance 240,000psi+ tensile strength
* Special heat treat process includes heating in vacuum sealed furnace and quenched in a nitrogen chamber for precision control

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