Cusco 15+ WRX/STI Street Zero Coilovers

Cusco 15+ WRX/STI Street Zero Coilovers


  • $1,332.00

The STREET ZERO series suspension coilover system is designed to provide a lowered vehicle ride height while maintaining comfort for daily driven street cars. The entire system is designed as an entry-level street coilover where the budget-minded enthusiast will get the very best suspension at a competitive price point.

The newly developed twin tube shock absorber features a virtually noiseless design due to its internal low compression gas. A new base valve design enables a comfortable and mild ride that adapts to almost any street condition, set at the most ideal damper rate from factory. *8 way rear dampers on selected models. This suspension coilover basically is a full ride height adjustable system where the shock absorber stroke and spring pre-load rate is retained no matter what the vehicle ride height is set at.

-Low compression twin-tube shock absorber with redesigned base valve
-Full height adjustable structure & fixed damper set at most ideal rate
-Precision cut shock case thread with special coating
-Quiet operation
-Ribbed lower bracket made with different metal according to each vehicle.
-Each suspension exceeds over 500 hours of elemental testing standards


Spring Rates
Front - 7K
Rear - 8K

Height Adjustment
Recommended: -30 to -10mm Front / -25 to -5mm Rear
Maximum: -55 to 0mm Front / -25 to 0mm Rear

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