Defi Advance RS Gauge


  • $280.80

ADVANCE RS is designed to match well with Japanese vintage cars with nostalgic features. The dial face is black and the numbers and tick marks are white. The night illumination is green and warm white(changeable between two colors).

- ADVANCE Control unit is necessary to use ADVANCE RS gauges.
- The gauge diameter is 52mm. Turbo 200kPa, intake manifold pressure, oil pressure, fuel pressure, oil temperature, water temperature, and exhaust temperature are lined up.
- The illumination color is green and warm white. The two colors can be switched. The brightness is turned down to make a nostalgic mood.
- Nippon Seiki’s NS logo is printed on the dial face instead of Defi logo. It’s because the NS logo used to be printed on our OEM gauges.
- The needle pointer is white while the illumination OFF and red while the illumination is ON.
- 80mm tachometer is under development and will be released later.

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